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Instructor of FILA Noravard Arustamyan: "Rules of wrestling won't change"

Thursday, 20 March 2014, 15:09
Instructor of FILA Noravard Arustamyan:

FILA approved in last year new edition of rules of wrestling any more won't undergo essential changes.

I reported about it to a site wrestdag.ru Noravard Arustamyan which along with other Russian referee Sergey Novakovsky is among 16 instructors of FILA, whose powers were confirmed on taken place at the end of February in Rome FILA bureau meeting.
"Last year considerable changes were made to rules, and they were pleasant to all — told Noravard Arustamyan. — After test competitions taking into account opinions of specialists of FILA bureau I approved new edition of rules, and, at least, to the Olympic Games they will remain in force. It isn't excluded that rules will be finished, but only in insignificant degree. It is now important that judges correctly applied them that there were no different interpretations in treatment of these or those points of rules. The meeting of instructors of FILA which will take place on March 30, in the run-up to the European championship in Finland will be devoted to it. On it we will discuss all nuances of application of innovations in rules, having paid special attention to those its provisions which most often cause disputes. Also the order of award of judicial categories and system of selection of arbitrators on the Olympic Games will be considered. And next day the meeting with participation of judges on which all questions discussed the day before and the made decisions" will be brought to them will take place.


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